South America’s ornate culture, groundbreaking gastronomy, and breathtaking views get millions of travellers every year. The continent’s cities as well attract various aspiring digital nomads, with their affordable living costs and superb networking opportunities.

The largest city in Chile, Santiago is a growing centre of technology. A diverse town of different neighborhoods, Santiago is interlaced collectively by the country’s best the program and gives off an old-world European feel. Although the metropolis has seen some civil unrest nowadays, travelers are mainly safe so long as they carry out basic protection protocols including being discreet with possessions remaining away from huge crowds at night.

Colombia’s capital may be a vibrant and active town for equally locals and expatriots. Its cosmopolitan scene, energetic arts field, and numerous festivals throughout the year make this one of the major South American cities to reside. As a bonus offer, Manizales is located in the espresso zone, which means you can easily hot latinos women stock up on your hard work fuel not having breaking the bank.

This lovely Uruguayan community is a UNESCO World History Internet site and a must-visit during travel to the region. With a charming historic center, a smattering of museums, and a lighthouse that dates back for the 16th 100 years, there is ample to keep you busy on a day trip to Asentamiento del Sacramento. Plus, is one of the safest and the majority peaceful cities in South America.